Don't guess.
Trust the math

"Talk is cheap, show me your performance".
At IPRIT, we run ML-based medium frequency trading strategies with superhuman complexity and accuracy, almost impossible to fathom. We are confident in its puissance. You're probably not. And you're most likely wrong.

53% winrate
Native risk-averse models
Optimized for any liquidity
2000+ independent

Don't resist chaos, embrace it

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Management fee

Management fee is nonsense. It creates wrong incentive for managers to focus on AUM growth rather than performance. We don't charge it.

Performance fee

Since we do not charge a management fee, we take half of the profits.

Minimum investment

We provide personalized service for every client. At the moment, we are accepting investments. In the future, the size of the minimum investment may be increased.

Instruments we trade

We prefer to trade assets with high liquidity to minimize the costs. At your request, we can consider less liquid and more volatile instruments.

Unique dataflows

With our API, you can access the bleeding edge of the research industry achievements.

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CEX or DEX, API or management, it doesn't matter

We can offer you the solution that fits. If it's possible at all, of course.

IPRIT fund

Money is yours. Leave the rest to us

Generally, we ask you to make a transfer to our bank account or crypto address. But initially you can provide us with your trading API keys, for us to trade on your behalf on your account. If you decide to stay with us, we'll ask you to make a transfer, for confidentiality of our strategies.


Access most sophisticated data at ease

One of the most avant-garde and intuitive APIs on the market. Try it yourself!

Choose your option

Data Puncher
  • Analytics on tokens, NFT, DeFi and others
  • Handy and functional watchlists
  • Real-time on-chain alerts and news feed
  • Customize and script conditional transactions
  • Blockchains graph explorer
IPRIT fund
One size fits all
  • MFT strategies (HFT in development)
  • Thoroughly backtested (and verified online)
  • Finely predictable returns
  • No lock-ups or withdrawal fees
  • 24/7 support

Who we are

A team of motivated doers, loving to dream.

IPRIT team

Grigory Evko


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